The 7 figure webinar

Start Making Sales and More Sales even while sleeping. Say Goodbye to No sales 

“Why am I Not Making Sales” ?? … I have done this  and I have done that ..in fact I have the best product in the market …

“Gosh, I don’t think I can make Sales because I’m new in the Market.”

“The Competition is Just too Much”

“Do I have to Start dancing on Instagram to make Sales?”

“I Spend my Whole Time Online, Yet No Sales… I’m Just Tired.. Maybe It is not My thing or these People don’t like me.”


What if you could...

Finally, Get STEP BY STEP Methods handed over to you, proven methods, very easy to use which would change that narrative FOREVER. 

That is, You, Yes…. You, start Making Unending Sales  and grow your Business into A 7 FIGURES BUSINESS. Despite what you sell. 

You heard me right. it doesn’t matter if you sell Products or Services, Food Items, Make up, Fashion etc. 


Here's what you'll get

With This Value Packed Master Class, YOU WILL START MAKING 7 FIGURES IN YOUR BUSINESS. It’s a Guarantee.

“When I first held A Webinar on The 7 Figures Masterclass, Testimonials Poured Out. Now this Webinar is 7fold so much more than the Previous classes. Don’t Miss this One ”


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I am a Brand Strategist, Business Consultant and Coach for Ibrandyourbiz Limited, that specializes in the growth of startups/small businesses. I help small businesses gain Visibility Online. I have an avid passion for driving sales on the Account of Small Business Owners.

I am the founder of The Business Like a Pro Academy, a Registered Institution of Learning for Business Owners where they are trained to do Business Professionally. This institution features Training for Business Owners both Online and Offline. Over 3200 Business owners have been trained via this Academy both Online and Offline. I hold Webinars and Master Classes for Business Owners.

I run live training events tagged The Passion To Sales Event each year in different States Nigeria and Beyond. My goal is to train over 20,000 Business Owners by the end of the year 2020. My passion is to ensure that Business Owners set up their Business and Earn 7 Figures Consistently.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It a Live Class ?
No. It is a webinar. A Live Video Class where we interact and learn at a convenient time together.

Is it strictly for Online Businesses?
No. The Methods and Strategy taught in this class is suitable for both online and offline business owners. As long as you’re into business and want to grow, This Class is for you.


I am a slow learner. Will I be able to keep up?
My live video classes are always very practical, in depth and easy to use. I will be teaching with such simplicity that EVERYONE will get value. Practicable steps you can use always. 

Will I Have Access to the Replay?
Yes. The replay will be given to Everyone after the class. You get to watch and listen again and again.


“Very True, Especially the “no Drama”… I Bought the 7 Figures Masteclass Last Month …. And I made Sales a little over 500k. whoop, ***dancing *** I should Go and rewatch the webinar sef”

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